Theater Series | Hiroshi Sugimoto | Socks Studio

Starting in the late 1970s, Hiroshi Sugimoto took pictures of cinemas interiors and drive-ins with the aim of encapsulate the whole lenght of a movie in a single shot. He left the camera shutters open throughout the running of a movie and the glowing screen of the cinemas was left as a trace on each take. A somehow uncanny light resonates in the dark cinema halls. At a further glance, this central light ethereally underlines the rich architectural details of the theater interiors. You might want to confront Sugimoto’s work with Michael Wesely’s, a photographer that uses to take photographs featuringi  3 years long exposures: read “The passing of time“, (on Socks).


Necessary Lines | Marco Cadioli | Socks Studio

In Necessary Lines, his most recent series, Cadioli explores the involuntary land art pieces produced by the machines used for plowing large fields, supposedly connected to satellites through GPS devices. The maps, stuck in a spatio-temporal dimension that is probably already gone, due to the continuous updating of google databases, have been captured by Cadioli and exhibited as proper works of art: “The plowed fields are necessary lines, the lines are the path of the machines on the surface. These lines, seen from above, are just paintings.


“Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” x Infomercial Dramatizations [source]

There goes another one.

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Chicago under ice, couple days ago. January 2014

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Masonna -  live , Festival Beyond Innocence. Osaka, 2002.

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