New York City

John Fahey made his guitar sound open as the American West, and with his hands he massaged an aural optimism from wood and metal that had seen the darkness, but decided to remain in light, as they say.

Tonight at Ace Outpost NYC Steve Lowenthal will be launching his biography Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey. David Fricke is going to say a little something. Music. All of it.  







I will never get over how hard I laughed the first time I saw this

Oh man the… the thing it was from named it and just the mention of the name will set me off now

None Pizza with Left Beef

none pizza with left beef is probably the funniest possible thing i can think of right now

Why does this make me so ridiculously happy

i keep looking at this, and loving it.


“They say Los Angeles is like The Wizard of Oz. One minute it’s small-town monochrome neighborhoods and then boom—all of a sudden you’re in a sprawling Technicolor freak show, dense with midgets. Unfortunately, this story does not take place in Los Angeles.”


Vladimir Putin  George W. Bush, 2014

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Best blog.


Wilson x Lou diamond Phillips

The outlook express.

Sums up my morning.


"Wow, you’re super pretty. You wanna go on a date sometime?” Bro’s got his game on lockdown, even in the middle of a wildfire.